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My Game

2012-01-28 00:58:31 by Jackv24

My Game is unfinished but if you would like to keep up to date with the latest releases just go here:
http://dl.dropbox.com/u/44503953/Games /Escape.swf

New Game

2012-01-22 18:09:50 by Jackv24

I am making a new game called Escape... I will not say much here except I am working on it with a friend

SPace Monkey had an accident

2012-01-21 00:34:42 by Jackv24

I kinda broke space monkey... so I am making a completely new game!

Happy fun time

2012-01-18 19:36:39 by Jackv24

In the next update for space monket adventure: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/

I will have longer levels. I am also planning to add boss levels and special bonus arcade levels. Stay tuned

Back on Track

2012-01-17 19:21:28 by Jackv24

I finally have the pc version working. It only has two incomplete levels, and the enemys have no AI (whenever I kill an enemy with an AI it crashes) but I have save\load and unlockable levels

Apple Dissapiontment

2012-01-17 02:38:15 by Jackv24

I was working on an iPhone game for a week or so (My Space Monkey Test). It was meant to be an RPG/Space Shooter/Platformer, but once I had the basics worked out I found out that you must buy a ridiculously overpriced mac (along with developer licence it would become ridiculously expensive) So I uploaded the incomplete test version. I will finish the game but make it for pc instead...I hate apple...